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Chocolate and wine have always been a good combination. Now our Gourmet Wine Fudge combines both tastes in one! Delicious! Unique!

  • Eat our world class fudge all by itself or melt it and pour it over desserts

  • Great on cheese cake, ice cream, popcorn, pretzels, nuts/chips, and in coffee

  • Wine, fruit and chocolate are the ingredients for some delicious classic desserts. Merrilyn's Gourmet Chocolates are superb for dipping strawberries and other fruits

  • Unbelievable fudge, guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning connoisseur

Merrilyn Wilmoth began Merrilyn's Gourmet Wine Fudge in her own kitchen. Her wine fudge was enjoyed by all her friends and family, and everybody had their favorite varieties. Then, once word got around, and more and more people sampled her fudge, demand grew, and soon making wine fudge turned into a full time business. Now Merrilyn's  fudge is found at wine shows, art shows and wine tasting rooms throughout the area, as well as being part of a thriving internet business. When wineries and home winemakers requested that their own vintage wines be included, Merrilyn began making custom wine fudge....using one's wine of choice to make a unique, personalized gift or promotional item.

Located in the heart of Lodi Wine Country, Merrilyn's Gourmet Wine Fudge is attracting a lot of favorable attention from news media throughout the area:

Wine Fudge made it on the news! Our "Intoxicating Fudge" was featured on CBS31/CW31 Good Day Sacramento.

Lodi News Sentinel discovered our delicious wine fudge. Click here to read the article.

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